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Ballerina is tightening her pointe shoe with a textured dress and unique background with reflections. Oil painting on canvas 50cm x 70 cm.



In this painting, we see a ballerina tightening her pointe shoe. The many elements in this painting come together to create a scene that is
pleasing and gentle. The background is executed with the impasto technique, creating a texture that resembles reflections of light that may appear on the stage.
Moving to the center point, the ballerina. Her form is depicted sitting on the floor, busy tying her satin pointe shoe. She is clothed with a delicate white dress, with the reflections of light creating tints of blue and violet on it.
Her face is concealed, turned to the side, but her demeanor still exudes a calming aura.
The painting is a closeup, capturing the ballerina’s full form, with a glimpse of the reflective background and a dark floor. It is a captivating
portrayal of some of the moments in a dancer’s life.


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