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This original oil painting captures Pretoria with its charming and tranquil Jacaranda streets. If you love Pretoria, South Africa, or city scenery in general, then you might want to consider purchasing this artwork.

Oil on Canvas – 101 x 76cm.




Original Oil Painting on Canvas

This wonderful artwork depicts a street full of jacaranda trees in Pretoria.

This painting captures the beauty and peace of a street in Pretoria, lined with jacaranda trees in full bloom. The trees run alongside the road, with their purple flowers falling onto the street and creating a carpet of vibrancy.

Sun can be seen shining down, creating a beautiful effect of shadow and light with the trees and street, which creates a sense of movement and life. The shadows create a stunning contrast against the bright purple of the Jacaranda flowers, adding depth and texture to the scene.

Despite Pretoria being a busy city, the street radiates a peaceful and serene feeling, with the trees creating a sense of tranquillity. The colours present in the scene are rich and vibrant, with the purple flowers of the jacaranda trees creating a pleasing contrast to the rest of the painting. Oil on Canvas – 101 x 76cm.


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