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Sunset at Drakensberg mountains with picturesque clouds.

Oil on canvas 91 cm x 61 cm



The painting pictures a late afternoon at the Drakensberg. The golden sun’s slow descent casts its warm embrace upon the rugged terrain, the Drakensberg amphitheater is transformed into a realm of mesmerizing beauty. The late afternoon lights up the colossal mountain that encircles the amphitheater, their ancient features visible for all to see.

The sky above, contains many clouds that add value with their delicate forms. Their picturesque shapes stretch across the sky, their forms touched by shades of peach and lavender, as if copying in the very colors of the sunset itself. These clouds are gentle and soothing, casting shadows over the land below.

In the foreground, at the heart of the amphitheater, lay a serene body of water, a mirror-like lake reflecting the mountain and sky above and around it.

The late afternoon setting brings out the earthy tones of the landscape, illuminating the nature that borders the lake. Tall grasses, bushes and trees all present, with their emerald hues harmonizing with the rich browns and reds of the dry soil. The Drakensberg is an iconic and truly beautiful sight in South-Africa, and will do good in any home.