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Rocky shore. Mediterranean seascape with a yacht and sunset clouds. Original Oil painting on canvas 60 cm x 60 cm



In the painting, a beautiful sea landscape of turquoise colour is portrayed.  Viewing the painting, we see a rocky shore with some white and pink flowers and a boat drifting further into the sea. In the background a city is visible from behind the boat and on the rocks, an old fort can be seen looking over the sea.

The rocky shore on the left and the stone platform with flowers is used to create a frame for the painting, leading your eyes to the stream in the middle so that you can follow it upwards to the open sea with the boat present.

The warm air of the Mediterranean fills the painting with its breeze. The vibrant sea is filled with a turquoise colour and the sky is light blue with clouds above. The landscape of the painting makes the viewer think of being on a vacation in a type of resort, appreciating the scenery of the Mediterranean and the shores surrounding it. This scenery is exactly the type that will make you relax in the warm atmosphere and feel the breeze of the sea.

The emotions that can be felt from this painting can only be positive. A relaxed, calm and peaceful feeling is what I can obtain from viewing this. Just imagining stepping into the artwork and waking to find this scenery greeting you is truly a pleasant feeling.

Even if you do not purchase art often, this painting will still enhance any home with a nice romantic feeling.

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